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foodgrade silicone heat-resistant hose
foodgrade silicone heat-resistant hose
foodgrade silicone heat-resistant hose
foodgrade silicone heat-resistant hose
foodgrade silicone heat-resistant hose
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12 Mar 2020
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Specification of

Food Grade Silicone Hose specifications heat-resistant 260 ° the size (diameter) with the raw material silicon/silicon, which is great to use on the food industry, medicine and health, medical equipment, hospital, and laboratory. In accordance with the nature of the raw material, the silicone hose is automatic does not contain toxins and heavy metals. Silicone hose is ideal for medical, hospital and pharmaceutical manufacturers/drugs, e.g. hoses for pumps peristatik, infus blood, intravenous liquid for food and medicine that is commonly used in hospitals, clinics and laboratories. Due to the nature of the food grade hose then the silicon hose/hose the silicon used as milk hose. In this case the silicone hoses used on dairy farms or factories to drain the milk cow milk/liquid dairy. Silicone hose can be sterilized in many ways for example by way of a steamed for 30 minutes at a temperature of 121 ° C and a pressure of 15 psi or during 10 minutes at a temperature of 132 ° C and a pressure of 30 psi. Similarly, food grade silicone hose size may vary according to the needs of the customer. Food grade silicone hose is made from a material that meets the requirements for contact with food (food grade). some advantages silicone hose made from food grade silicone silicone Hose: efficient and easy to use Flow in food grade silicone hose made from silicone can be set at low pressure, so it doesn't need a clamp or fastener additional food grade silicone hose because the shape is stable. Food grade silicone hose will not harden/stiff by the time winter/winter because the silicone materials will remain flexible until the temperature is-55 ° c. Silicon hose food grade very easily fitted and removed with metal fittings. Because a transparent silicone rubber material, the flow of milk can be seen clearly. Silicone hose is made of silicone rubber original/pure is not mixed with the other ingredients. Non-toxic, odorless, tidAK has a sense, and does not contain corrosive material. Material the silicone used for the hose has been eligible for contact with food (food grade hose). Silicone hose to its durable/long life span. Silicon age about 5 times longer than other materials. Silicone will not experience the cracking or damage when exposed to UV rays. Silicon high resistance to tear, stronger than other rubber materials or of plastic. Silicone hose against the development of bacteria. Hose silicone can be sterilized with boiling water. Silicone hose materials are very durable and are beneficial for long term usage, do not crack, not porous/become porous, not eroded. Silicone hose will not degraded by bacteria, milk fat, or cleaning materials. Silicone hose has a smooth surface, no place for bacteria to grow. Some other applications of silicone rubber can be found on the silicone rubber cord, silicone molding, o ring, silicone extrusion for

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